South Pittsburgh has the luxury of wonderful main streets that once made our neighborhoods one of the most highly-desired areas to work and live. With great routes for commerce and transit, including Broadway Avenue, Brookline Boulevard, Brownsville Road, and Saw Mill Run Boulevard, we have so much more sustainable potential by building around these amenities, which have long been neglected and not kept up.

We would look to form a real estate development group to research our throughways and work to utilize our prime storefront properties and ensure that there are limited vacancies. Additionally, we will support each neighborhood by recruiting and attracting businesses that suit the community’s wants and needs, which will ensure their sustainability for years to come. Most importantly, we will provide support to our existing businesses by affording the resources for them to thrive. We will no longer abandon our commercial districts, but instead provide the framework and legislative support that allows them to succeed.

There are many existing programs in place that allow for the expansion of business to sidewalks and improve facades. Many current proprietors are unaware of these opportunities, and we will work with them to allow them to take advantage of these programs. We must increase dialogue with regional economic development groups and chambers of commerce to ensure the awareness and communication amongst these business districts.