Over the last few years, the public works and pavement issues have been a constant throughout our district – making up 25% of the 311 calls made to the City of Pittsburgh. Although the city must maintain infrastructure, many of these issues arise from work being done by utility companies. I intend on lobbying for a mandate in the repaving of streets after utility companies are finished making their repairs. Many times, there is patchwork paving that becomes permanent due to lackluster follow up work by these companies. I will hold them accountable and ensure that they leave our roadways the way they found them prior to their emergency maintenance projects.

Additionally, we will advocate for green infrastructure to be added throughout the district, to ensure that stormwater and melting snow issues are limited. Many options, such as pervious pavement, raingardens and bioswales can be added to our city streets, sidewalks and parking spaces to eliminate concerns with dangerous infrastructure.

Building on the addition of green infrastructure, we will increase vegetation on the Saw Mill Run corridor with sustainable, native plants to absorb water and limit flooding on the very busy Route 51. With that said, we will also promote green infrastructure practices amongst the businesses on this throughway with rain barrels and equivalent stormwater management tools.

Most importantly we will encourage more traffic studies on our main roads in every neighborhood of the district. Our city has many traffic issues that need to be attended to and I will ensure that we look into options to route traffic in the most efficient way possible throughout the district in an effort to reduce the impact on our residents and businesses.

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